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Piotr Musiał


Patent Bureau

ph. (22) 55 40 747, rm. 3061

An effective, efficient, and target-oriented person. Piotr Musiał is an experienced consultant offering support to academic staff and start-ups in the scope of IP commercialisation.

At the UTTC, he is responsible for the identification of R&D projects that are to be protected under a patent, and commercialisation, consultancy services related to intellectual property, and handling of patent proceedings. He helps in the preparation of patent applications and assists researchers in going through the labyrinth of the administrative and formal procedures related to obtaining a patent. Piotr helps the research teams to commercialise their findings so they see the result of their labour in practice. He helps UW employees to establish spin-offs and offers his knowledge on intellectual property rights and methods of commercialisation to the UW’s academic community.

He has a few years of experience in IP protection and management, and efficient commercialisation thereof. In the course of his professional development, Piotr gained considerable experience in implementing projects co-financed with EU funds, including those pertaining to environmental protection, popularisation of science and implementation of technology transfer processes at the university.

He graduated from the Social Higher School of Business and Management.

Projects: Innovative incubators, EENCP, BISNEP, Innovative Incubator, PROCEED (7PR)